Surface and Coatings Technologies

Head: apl. Prof. Dr. Andreas Killinger

Research topics


Suspension Flame Spraying with ultra fine oxide ceramic powders

High Velocity (Supersonic) Suspension Flame Spraying (HVSFS*) Suspension Plasma spraying (SPS*)

Equipment and process development


Dipl.–Ing. Peter Krieg
Suspension Feeding Unit

Development of liquid thermal spray feedstocks

Andrea Förg, M.Sc.
Dipl.–Ing. Peter Krieg

HVOF sprayed cermet coatings for high performance applications


Dipl.–Ing. Septimiu Popa

Development of tribological and wear resistant coatings
Coatings for automotive applications


Dipl.–Ing. Septimiu Popa

Development of oxide – non-oxide ceramic composites
for tribologically and corrosively stressed components


Andrea Förg, M.Sc.

Plasma sprayed functional coatings


Dipl.–Ing. Venancio Martínez

Coatings for biomedical applications


Dipl.–Ing. Peter Krieg

Physical coatings for sensors, SOFC etc.


Andrea Förg, M.Sc.
plasma-sprayed coatings on fiber reinforced composites

Development of wire arc and plasma-sprayed coatings on fiber reinforced composites


Dipl.–Ing. Septimiu Popa
residual stress depth profile analysis

Experimental residual stress depth profile analysis in coating composites


Dipl.–Ing. Venancio Martínez
Polymer Coating

Polymer and polymer-hardface layered coatings


Andrea Förg, M.Sc.

Manufacturing technologies

  • Three spray cabinets equipped with 6-axis handling robots
  • HVOF; HVSFS based on TopGun G, HVOLF based on K2,
  • APS, SPS based on F6 single cathode, Magnum three cathode torch
  • Wire arc spraying
  • Spray lacquer techniques


  • Oxide, carbide and cermet powder materials
  • Metals (powder and wire)
  • Organic, anorganic and hybrid polymers

HVOF = High Velocity Oxy Fuel Spraying
HVSFS = High Velocity Suspension Flame Spraying
APS = Atmospheric Plasma Spraying
SPS = Suspension Plasma Spraying