The Institute for Manufacturing Technologies of Ceramic Components and Composites is a new foundation at the University of Stuttgart within the faculty of manufacturing engineering since 1995.

The institute is focussed on research topics in manufacturing techniques for ceramic components and composits as well as in material technology. The main research scope is the interaction between modern material science, process engineering and manufacturing technologies.

Beside the development of economically efficient and ecologically advanced new material systems for the plant and mechanical engineering industry also new methods in material design and production engineering are investigated and evaluated.

The application of new materials for innovative environmental techniques is one of the key accounts within the institute and is supported by several BMBF research projects.


The research area of the institute is subdivided in 4 topics:

This flyer (only German version available) gives a quick overview over the main research activities at the IFKB.

This is only a quick overview on current research and development activities of the institute. In addition to government-funded projects, numerous bilateral R&D projects are being conducted with several partners from industry.

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