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Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Rainer Gadow

Here you can find the curriculum vitae of the institute managing director.

Prof. Rainer Gadow has started his position as full professor and director of the Institute for Manufacturing Technologies of Ceramic Components and Composites (IMTCCC) at the University of Stuttgart in March 1995.

Prof. Gadow who was born in 1955 in Riegelsberg/Saar (Germany) studied chemistry with focus on technical chemistry of solids at the University of Karlsruhe. He graduated in 1981 from the Institute of Technical Chemistry having specialized in the fields of protective layers for high temperature application and carbon fiber composites. Prof. Gadow continued to work on his dissertation in the department of chemistry at the University of Karlsruhe as research scientist and assistant of the institute's director Prof. Dr. Erich Fitzer until his Ph.D. graduation in 1986.

During his dissertation he was involved in the development of the very first generation of ceramic fiber composites and received funding through two BMFT research projects and through SFB 167. Several visits to Japan, the USA, the USSR, France and the CSSR for research activities and invited lectures resulted in a close scientific exchange and international cooperation within the scientific community.

Prof. Gadow dismissed his planned habilitation in Karlsruhe in the field of intermetallic phases for new structural materials since he joined W. Haldenwanger Technische Keramik GmbH u. Co KG in Berlin and Waldkraiburg as head of the R&D department in 1986.

Gadow was appointed managing director in 1988 and promoted the transfer of developments within ceramic composites to oxide ceramics systems with whisker and platelet reinforcement.

In 1990, the largest and most advanced high temperature vacuum furnace in Germany was put into operation for the production of silicon carbide ceramics, Dr. Gadow joined the Deutsche Babcock-Borsig AG, Berlin in 1990 as head of the department of materials engineering and new technology. The focus of his work was on the transfer of innovations based on new materials to the areas of industrial fittings and mountings, HT apparatus engineering and turbocompressor fabrication. In December 1991, Gadow was appointed excecutive manager of the Euroflamm Ltd. in Bremen after the materials engineering center in Berlin was incorporated in the Balcke-Dürr AG, Ratingen. Due to this new responsibility, Dr.Gadow's main interests shifted to surface engineering and technology for fabrication and finishing of components with ceramic and metallurgical surfaces. In October 1993 he was additionally appointed excecutive director of the Balcke-Dürr Oberflächentechnik in Ratingen. From November 1994 until his start as full professor in Stuttgart he was also director of the BDAG Oberflächentechnik Ltd. By taking specific actions in process automatisation and newly designed production sequences, the company managed by Dr. Gadow advanced to the leading European original equipment supplier for the automotive industry for serial components coated by thermal spraying.

Conference of Professor Gadow

The focus of the Institute for Manufacturing Technologies of Ceramic Components and Composites (IMTCCC) at the University of Stuttgart which is a completely new department in the faculty of mechanical engineering, will be on modern production engineering for ceramic parts and components and the precision finishing thereof. Another emphasis will be on the connection of CAD based construction with modern forming and shaping processes including laser stereo lithography. In addition, surface engineering by means of thermal spraying and plasma processes, especially for the application of functional surfaces on light metal components, will play a key role in the new department as well as fiber composites. Specific process automation, studies on organization and communication forms in companies and quality management and quality control methods and systems according to the standards of the international automotive industry will add important aspects to the material specific research areas.

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