This image shows Andreas Vogel

Andreas Vogel

Dipl.–Ing. (FH)

scientific-technical employee


Allmandring 7b
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 1.45


  • . . .
  • Technischer Ansprechpartner für
    • Thermal analysis
    • laser granulometry
    • porosimetry
    • zetapotential measurement

P-891: VU, T.P.; OTTO, A.; VOGEL, F.; KERN, F.; KILLINGER, A.; GADOW, R: Photocatalytically active Titania Coating for Water Treatment. In: Jahrbuch Oberflächentechnik (2017), Band 73, S. 1-8, Leuze Verlag,

P-880: VU, T.P.; OTTO, N.; VOGEL, A.; KERN, F.; KILLINGER, A.; GADOW, R.: Investigating influences of suspension plasma spray parameters on photocatalytic activity of TiO 2 coatings. In: ITSC (2017) DVS-Berichte, Band: 336, Düsseldorf, Germany, vol. 336, S. 1132–1136, ISBN: 978-3-96144-000-9,

P-753: VU, T.P.; VOGEL, A.; KERN, F.; PLATZ, S.; MENZEL, U.; GADOW. R: Characteristics of an electrocoagulation–electroflotation process in separating powdered activated carbon from urban wastewater effluent. In: Sep. Purif. Technol. 134 (2014), S. 196–203, DOI: 10.1016/j.seppur.2014.07.038

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