This image shows Wadih Yared

Wadih Yared


Scientific employee, Doctoral Student at GSaME


Allmandring 7b
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 2.15


  • Additive manufacturing of medical products using stereolithography 
  • Development and characterization of ceramic and polymeric materials
  • Machine design and development of characterization apparatuses

Stereolithography (SL) is a promising additive manufacturing (AM) technology that allows the shaping of bioceramics into individualized implants with intricate details. Such implants, known as scaffolds, support the native cellular culture during the process of bone and tissue regeneration. This project is interdisciplinary by nature and its goal is two-folds:

  1. Technological goal: Studying the major influencing factors in the additive manufacturing of ceramics using stereolithography, and optimizing the printing process. This includes characterizing the influence of the properties of the ceramic powders, and those of the polymeric reactants. 
  2. Medical goal: Enhancing the mechanical and chemical properties of the ceramic scaffolds for a higher success rate during the grafting operation and the post-operatory phase. This includes the modification of the precursor ceramic and the polymeric matrix, with the goal of enhancing the physiological interaction between the human native cells and the scaffold. 
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