Department of High Performance Ceramics

Electrical Discharge machinable ceramics (EDM)

Cost-efficient manufacturing chain of ceramic components caused by ED-machinability.

Conventional hard machining of structural ceramics is associated with high cost and geometrical restrictions. ED-machinable ceramics can be machined irrespective of their hardness by die sinking and wire cutting which allows for producing customized ceramic components of high complexity at low dimensional tolerances. As machining starts from pre-sintered blanks no shrinkage or warping may occur.

The high performance ceramics group of IFKB develops ED-machinable ceramic material systems. We focus on adjusting specific materials properties adapted to individual applications. Development of new materials always considers the whole processing chain including the final machining step to create ED-machinable materials combining good mechanical properties and machining characteristics.

Research ranges from the basic science level (DFG) to application related projects with small and medium enterprises.

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Andrea Gommeringer

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