Laser-induced direct metalization of ceramics

Department of High Performance Ceramics

Department of High Performance Ceramics

Subsequent to a treatment with a laser beam alumina ceramics can be selectively coated metals by electroless plating. Using this technology enables writing finest conductor paths on ceramic substrates. This new – fully additive – manufacturing concept was developed in cooperation of Hahn Schickard and progressively improved over the last few years.

Research issues are e.g. elucidation of the yet incompletely understood activation mechanisms and the implementation of the new technology into new devices.

Today complex 3-dimensional MIDs (Molded Interconnect Devices) until recently only available based on polymers can today be manufactured from ceramics. Ceramic substrates give access to new application fields requiring higher thermal and mechanical stability. The IFKB contributes by its skills in development of ceramic materials and in manufacturing complex shape components by ceramic injection molding.

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