TZP ceramics with new rare earth stabilizer systems

Department of High Performance Ceramics

Zirconia as basis for new implant materials with high toughness, strength and ageing resistance.

Zirconia based structural ceramics are applied in biomedical and engineering applications due to their unique combination of strength and toughness. TZP materials with tailored properties can be manufactured by selective variation of the rare earth stabilizer addition.

The challenge is to develop TZP materials with stabilizer systems beyond state-of the art Y-TZP and Ce-TZP and to exploit the new findings by implementing the new materials into manufacturing processes.

Interesting new applications fields were identified in the field of ED-machinable ceramics. Here these tough and strong TZPs are used as a matrix to provide composite ceramics with similar property profiles as established cemented carbide materials.

In the biomedical field the introduction of new stabilizers and dopants does not only enable reaching attractive mechanical properties but also improving low temperature degradation resistance. This issue is still unresolved when using standard materials.

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