Institut for Manufacturing Technologies of Ceramic Components and Composites

Surface and Coating Technologies

Tailored surfaces play an decisive role for modern applications.

In our modern world, technical surfaces are high demanded. The task of surface technology is to upgrade them and make them functional. It deals with every controlled modification of a component's surface using a variety of technologies for coating, material conversion and material removal processes. The aim is to make surfaces more durable and resistant and to give them tailor-made mechanical, physical and chemical properties.

Research topics

Manufacturing technologies

  • Three spray cabinets equipped with 6-axis handling robots
  • HVOF; HVSFS based on TopGun G, HVOLF based on K2,
  • APS, SPS based on F6 single cathode, Magnum three cathode torch
  • Wire arc spraying
  • Spray lacquer techniques


  • Oxide, carbide and cermet powder materials
  • Metals (powder and wire)
  • Organic, anorganic and hybrid polymers


  • HVOF = High Velocity Oxy Fuel Spraying
  • HVSFS = High Velocity Suspension Flame Spraying
  • APS = Atmospheric Plasma Spraying
  • SPS = Suspension Plasma Spraying
  • HVOLF = High Velocity Oxy Liquid Fuel Spraying

Your contact person

This picture showsAndreas Killinger
apl. Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Andreas Killinger

Assistant Director of the Institute
Head of Department Surface Technologies and Composites

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