Suspension Spraying (HVSFS)

Department of Surface and Coating Technologies

High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Suspension Flame Spraying makes the thermal spraying of sub-micrometer primary particles possible and is therefore a consequent extension of the HVOF process. The high particle velocities of the HVFSF make it possible to apply very dense coatings.

Thermal spraying of suspensions with submicron- and nanoscale particles is a promising way to deposit thin (10-50 µm) and finely structured coatings. To achieve dense and well adherent coatings, High Velocity Suspension Flame Spraying (HVSFS) is predominantly chosen whereas suspension plasma spraying (SPS) is capable to create coatings having higher porosity or even exhibit controllable columnar structures as favored for instance in TBC applications.

Modified torch for High Velocity Suspension Flame Spraying

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