Optimization of fiber/matrix interface

Department of Composite Materials

For the physical and chemical compatibility of fiber-reinforced composites.

The optimisation of the fiber/matrix interface of ceramic and metallic fiber composites has been researched at the IMTCCC for years. Surface treatments with fibre coating can serve many purposes:

  • Targeted control of fiber/matrix adhesion
  • Reaction and diffusion barrier: protection of fibres against chemical attack
  • Increased wettability of fibres with molten metals
  • Optimization of the oxidation resistance of carbon fibers

The IMTCCC's approach to fibre coating as an alternative method to chemical vapour deposition (CVD) was systematically investigated in 1998-2004 as part of the DFG's research programme. The coating line at the IFKB is currently designed for the coating of commercial 12k carbon rovings.

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