Coupling of offline robot trajectories generation with thermokinetic coating technologies simulations

Department of Material Mechanics, Modeling and Simulation

Tools for robot trajectories generation and optimization using simulations.

Industrial robots are widely used in thermal spraying operations in order to assure process accuracy and reproducibility, as well as to increase worker´s safety. Robot path planning for the coating of free form geometries keeping constant the kinematic parameters can lead to complex robot paths and in some cases to unreachable robot configurations. The robot kinematics, which define the spraying path, spray angle, spray distance and spray velocity, are key parameters to control the heat and mass transfer to the substrate during the coating deposition, and they influence therefore the development of residual stresses.

Works for off-line planning of robot trajectories for thermal spraying operations taking into consideration the heat transfer to the component are carried out. The results of modelings and simulations are used as input to the programming of robot trajectories. By integration of programmable logic controllers, all the parameters of the process (e.g., distance, torch movement, and torch velocity) can be supervised, displayed and recorded.

(a) Kneader blade, (b) cloud of points obtained by optical measuring device and (c) meshed surface obtained from the cloud of points

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