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Microwave Absorber Coatings

Absorber layers against microwave strayfield radiation in fusion reactor

Due to the relatively high strayfield radiation (140 GHz) from the electron cyclotron radio frequency heating system to which the W7-X cryopumps are expected to be subjected, atmospheric plasma sprayed coatings systems acting as an efficient absorber (absorption values over 90%) for 140 GHz radiation have been developed for the water-cooled baffle shield in order to reduce the thermal load on the liquid N shield and the liquid He cryopanel.

 (c) IMTCCC - University of Stuttgart
Coating microwave absorption depending on the spray angle

P-570: FLORISTÁN, M.; GADOW, R.; GEBHARDT, A.; MÜLLER, P.; KILLINGER, A.; CARDELLA, A.; LI, C.; STADLER, R.; ZANGL, G.; HIRSCH, M.; LAQUA, H. P.; KASPAREK, W.: Development and testing of a 140 GHz absorber coating for the water baffle of W7-X cryopumps. In: Fusion Engineering and Design 86 (2011), S. 1847–1850, doi:10.1016/j.fusengdes.2010.12.015

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