Coating of Brake Rotors

Department of Surface and Coating Technologies

Thermal sprayed ceramic coatings for brake rotors provide the ability to individually tailor brake properties while reducing brake disc wear, corrosion, and brake particulate emissions

In the present project the lightweight potential is used for a braking concept in which ceramic high-performance coatings are applied to steel and light alloys by thermal spray processes. As a result, the layer composite component obtains a wear and corrosion resistant functional layer as friction surface with optimum brake properties, while the base disk enables weight savings and an optimized heat dissipation. This concept makes it possible to improve the driving characteristics due to the lower unsprung masses, the brake particle emissions can be reduced and based on the high wear resistance, the brake rotor can be designed as a life component. In addition, the high corrosion resistance of the coatings has a positive effect on safety as well as optical aspects, especially in the case of electric mobility: the brake disks would no longer be subject to corrosion due to the brake energy recovery even after prolonged non-use.

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